SPICE Dinners

SPICE Dinners are our favorite events.  In partnership with some of our favorite culinary haunts we create 5-6 course dinners with wines paired across the menu.


SPICE-Y BBQ’s are our excuse to get outside and eat and drink with our friends.  In various parks around the city we do fun gourmet BBQ’s for all our members.

SPICE Culinary Adventures

A few times a year the SPICE teams takes the show on the road.  We are blessed to have friends around the world that love food and wine as well.  We travel with our members to these wonderful destinations and create a once in a lifetime local culinary experience.  Working directly with local farmers and wine makers we seek to introduce our members a new part of the world through food and wine. 

Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table is a high end food and wine experience in the chef’s home kitchen.  These special dinners only have enough room for eight members.

Private SPICE Dinners

Bring the SPICE team to you.  The whole crew will come to your house to do private dinners for you and your guests.  You just tell us how far you want to push the envelope and we’ll take care of everything else.

STK – SPICE Test Kitchen

You like to cook as much as we do?  Want to help us create one of the dishes on the menu?  Join us for private cooking lessons in the SPICE Test Kitchen.  Each month we work together to develop one dish for that month’s SPICE dinner.