SPICE is a private Supper Club experience.

SPICE came to life because of three simple truths: 1) we love good food and wine 2) we love our friends … and meeting new ones and 3) we love the outcome when the two collide … and we are held responsible for it.

SPICE events occur once a month, at various locations around the city (and sometimes, in other cities that we love too). Each experience differs from the next, but typically includes a multi-course menu uniquely created by Chef Ben Long, creative wine pairings … and according to our guests, a crazy fun atmosphere.

At this time SPICE is open only to our members.

Come join our table!

From the Chef..

… My entire life I have spent many a weekend cooking for my friends.  Having never worked in a professional kitchen or restaurant, I always saw cooking as my creative outlet vs. a business.  12 years ago, while in college, I met my wife working in a bar in Eugene, OR.  There was something intoxicating about our mutual love for making people happy with food and wine.  11 years later we found ourselves hosting 8 course dinner parties for our friends each month in San Francisco.  We both had stressful day jobs and found that spending time with our friends with food and wine made us forget what we did during the week.  As the group seemed to grow each month, we eventually realized it was time to find new places to host our dinner parties.  It was at that moment that we started SPICE Supper Club together.  Our motto is “there’s nothing fancy about it except the food” … our goal is to always remain true to this.  To those of you who have been our guest before, thanks for letting us host you and do what we love to do most.  And for those of you who have never experienced SPICE, we hope you’ll join our table soon!

Happy eating, drinking and living life with a full heart and belly!


Chef Ben Long